Many of us in the Orthodox Church are asked by those not of our Faith, often out of the blue, about our Church, particular things we believe and why we believe them. It can be very difficult to suddenly shift mental gears and give an answer that is precise and “in a nutshell”.
     The following articles attempt to address just some of the many broad subjects of Orthodox Christianity. These are purposely not exhaustive, but try to convey the most basic aspects of each subject in an encapsulated form. More thorough writings on these topics are available elsewhere.
     Although the limited information they contain touches only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, the reader should be able to grasp from them a general idea and importance of each topic from an Orthodox viewpoint.
     It is hoped that the following articles will answer to a satisfactory degree of clarity some of the many, frequently-raised questions regarding our ancient Faith, both for those who are new to Orthodoxy and those outside our Tradition.
     If a specific question of yours is not covered in any of the topics below please be patient. More articles will be added gradually as time permits.

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About the Cross of Christ
About the Incarnation
About the Original Church
About Praying for the Departed
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